Vacancies at Lida Africa – 20 Digital Field Enumerators Needed

Lida Africa is a social enterprise founded in 2013 and registered with the government of Uganda. Driven by the vision of creating a world where organizations effectively and efficiently utilize M&E information for achieving maximum impact, Lida Africa is committed to building organizational capacity to monitor and evaluate for sustainable development.

Lida Africa is recruiting enumerators to implement a Mobile Phone Based survey on a Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) project that is implemented by one of our clients.

The roles of Digital Field Enumerators include;
1) Community engagement – Work with community leaders to explain the study and its purpose, Conduct interviews with community leaders.
2) Survey Administration – Thoroughly understand and adhere to study protocol including sampling methodology, and Administer survey to participants using a smartphone/tablet. Submit data to online database
3) Team work – Attend daily evaluation team meeting and data cleaning meetings.

Employment terms: The survey is planned to run for 10 days from Saturday 15th December- Monday 24th December 2018. A daily competitive honorarium rate will be paid.

How to Apply: Apply by filling the Online Enumerator’s Application by Midnight, THURSDAY 13th December 2018

For any inquiries, please email us at (please don’t send your CV and academic documents to this email). Only fill the Online Enumerator’s Application.

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