Lida Africa set to offer an Executive Workshop at the 9th Africa Evaluation Association (AfrEA) International Conference, 11-15 March 2019 in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

Lida Africa is pleased to offer an Executive Workshop at The 9th AfrEA International Conference, 11-15 March 2019, in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. Organised by the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA), the AfrEA International Conference 2019 will attract delegates from world over. The conference is the premier event in the African Evaluation sector and acts as the foundation for promoting and advocating AfrEA’s “Made in Africa” approach, and allows knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking with a wide range of international organisations and individuals.

The theme for the 2019 conference is Accelerating Africa’s Development: Strengthening National Evaluation Ecosystems”

Lida Africa will be presenting a half day pre-conference workshop on Qualitative Data Management and Analysis Using NVIVO on 13th March 2019 .  The workshop is ideal for  delegates that are seeking to integrate the sophisticated analysis of qualitative data, with quantitative data and simplify analysis of text-based research data and interpretation with in their interventions.

You can register for the workshop as you register for the conference from the AfrEA website

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Details about our session are below;

Pre-Conference Workshop: Qualitative Data Management and Analysis Using NVIVO on Wednesday, 13th March 2019

The use of qualitative data in decision making has been ineffective simply because M&E professionals are afraid of the process to summarize or find relevant quotes in substantial amounts of qualitative data thus finding themselves incapable of working in fields that entirely deal with qualitative data. NVIVO is the leading tool for Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS). The use of NVIVO to eradicate this fear will enable M&E professionals to code, explore qualitative data and run visualizations.

Specifically, the workshop will:
i. Improve participants knowledge & understanding of Qualitative data
ii. Improve practical skills for qualitative data management, analysis and Visualization Using NVIVO
iii. Share knowledge and experiences in qualitative M&E data analysis

The training will cover three sessions;
Session 1 – Introduction to NVIVO & its concepts
• Qualitative Data and Methods
• Installation of NVIVO software
• NVIVO Key terms, interface, workspace and ribbons

Session 2: Importing, Coding Documents and Categorizing Data
• Importing documents
• Creating ‘nodes’ and type of nodes to collect data to support the themes, topics or ideas you identify in the data
• Creating memos and links
• Creating Attributes within NVivo and importing Attributes from a Spreadsheet
• Getting Results; Coding Query and Matrix Query

Session 3: Visualizing NVIVO project
• Display data in charts
• Creating models and graphs to visualize connections
• Tree maps and cluster analysis diagrams
• Display your data in charts
• Create models and graphs to visualize connections
• Create reports and extracts

Participants are required to have access to computers. Lida Africa will provide training datasets & online materials at no cost. During the training we shall be using a trial version of NVIVO. The sessions will be delivered through English.

Lida Africa set to offer an Executive Workshop during The 7th Uganda Evaluation Week (UEW), 11-15 February 2019

Lida Africa is set to present at the 7th Uganda Evaluation Week (UEW) from 11-15 February 2019. Organised by the Uganda Evaluation Association together with the Office of the Prime Minister, the event’s objective is to review policy, programmatic and operational developments in Uganda’s evaluation community and development evaluation in general.

The UEW is organised annually since 2013. It is used for sharing knowledge, skills and practices on evaluation trends, developing networks for capacity development and learning.

This year’s event with a theme “From evidence generation to utilization” will be held at Hotel Africana. It will start with pre-conference trainings on Development Evaluation from the 11th-12th February, 2019, followed by a three-day conference from the 13th – 15th February 2019.

Lida Africa will be presenting a pre-conference workshop on “Evaluation Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Using Advanced Excel as highlighted in programme for the evaluation weekVisit the Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) website for more details about the event and registration.

Details about our session are below;

Evaluation Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Using Advanced Microsoft Excel

 Evaluation statistics are an imperative component in everything pertaining life, useful in development-policy making processes of organizations but also in evaluating the eco-system. However, a substantial gap still exists between the demand for the evaluation statistics and the ability of most organizations to routinely provide it through credible evaluations using various methodologies like RCTs, Propensity score matching etc. The use of such statistics by various populations especially the local community or even local governments in Africa is still a challenge. Evaluators are hence faced with a challenge of breaking down such superior results into simplified visuals. Microsoft Excel has powerful tools that can enable evaluators to set up simplified data management, analysis and visualization systems to enable users to make timely decisions, taking corrective actions and become result based.

This workshop is ideal for managers and researchers from development organizations, foundations, governments and non-governmental organizations, as well as M&E professionals and students. It’s for people wanting to use more complex functions within Excel to automate and hence simplify data analysis, visualization and interpretation with in their interventions.

Specifically, the workshop will:

  1. Improve participants’ knowledge & understanding of Evaluation data
  2. Improve participants’ practical skills of Data Management, Analysis and Visualization through use of advanced functions in Ms excel
  3. Enable participants share knowledge and experiences in evaluation data management using MS ExcelThe training will cover three sessions;

    Session 1 – Evaluation Data analysis and interpretation using PIVOT tables
    • Understanding Evaluation Data
    • Introduction to Pivot tables
    • Conducting Univariate analysis
    • Conducting Bivariate analysis
    • Multivariate analysis
    • Updating & formatting Pivot Tables

    Session 2 – Evaluation Data Visualization Using Excel
    • Introduction to data visualization
    • Elements of a good Excel Visual
    • Creating visuals on comparison data
    • Developing visuals on composition data
    • Creating visuals on distribution data
    • How to visualize data on relationships

    Session 3: Linking & Automating Data analysis for simplified Evaluation data analysis
    • Introduction to linking sheets in same or different workbooks
    • Using COUNT, COUNTIF & COUNTIFS function
    • Using the SUMIF and SUMIFS functions
    • Using the AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS functions
    • Creating automated graphs

    This 1 day hands-on workshop will be facilitated by Ronald and Victor from Lida Africa. Lida Africa has over 6 years of experience in statistical software and M&E trainings. We have empowered over 600 professionals through our routine executive training sessions and tailor made on-site trainings. Recently Ronald and Victor held a similar Executive Workshop at the 8th AfrEA International Conference where over 65 participants from 23 countries attended. While in October 2017, The South Africa Monitoring and Evaluation Association invited Victor to provide a similar workshop to over 32 delegates at the 6th SAMEA Biennial Conference.

Participants are required to have access to computers installed with Microsoft office version 2010/2013/2016 (2016 is preferred). Lida Africa will provide training datasets & online materials at no cost. A Lida Africa Excel Manual will be provided at a cost.

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